About The Word Jar

Author of The Word Jar: Michele Howey

Through the Power of Words

 Words have a soul. We can harness their power and ability to change us, inspire us, build us, and heal us. I’ve used the power of Words in my own life to find my way. I’ve healed myself, saved my marriage, plus reclaimed my spirit and my body through finding Words that spoke to me. I lost over 75 pounds on this journey, and recognized myself in the mirror again.


Before and after 75 pound weight loss

I saw the light come on in my eyes as I built who I wanted to be through the power of Words. I repaired a damaged and broken relationship scarred by pain through choosing the Words we needed to find our way back to each other and rebuild. I’ve seen my life change as I embraced the opportunities to make those Words mine, and today, I am a better self.

Michele and Chris: 18 years plus and going strong
Our awesome kids

I encourage you to find your Words. To go on the journey I’ve been on, to build who you want to be, one Word at a time.


All my best wishes,

Michele Howey