What Will You Do With the Power of Words?


Consider the power Words have in our life, their definitions, meanings, and impact on who you are and who you want to be.

What if you could build the person you wanted to be, one Word at a time, literally pick out those qualities and attributes you most wanted and needed in your life? What if you could also eliminate negative definitions through the power of Words, and take back parts of yourself that are missing or muted?

With The Word Jar, you will do exactly that.

Like a vision board for your soul, you will find Words you need to build the person you want to be.

Through The Word Jar, you will find your Words, add them to your Jar, and use opportunities to focus on making them yours. As you fill your Word Jar with new Words, you will see building who you want to be is limited only by your vocabulary.

Using The Word Jar principles, Author Michele Howey recounts how she reclaimed her life, healed her body from physical debilitation, eliminated mental roadblocks, finally got her body back (losing over 75 pounds in the process), and saved her marriage . . . all through the power of Words.